Hyundai Tire Center


Purchase a new set of tires for your Hyundai or learn about tire maintenance here to help your tires last as long as possible.

College Park Hyundai Tire Center, Serving Silver Spring, Laurel, Aspen Hill, and Hyattsville, MD

We operate an on-site tire center that provides local Hyundai owners with new tires and certified Hyundai tire services. Our certified technicians develop tire maintenance mastery through extensive experience performing tire maintenance for Hyundai models. Choosing us secures a state-of-the-art tire center with a computerized wheel aligner and digital balancer to ensure wheel angles and weight distribution precisely meet specifications. Read more below about our all-inclusive tire support proposition — new tire sales and certified Hyundai tire services. Check the specials for optimized prices, then contact us at College Park Hyundai.

Our Hyundai Tire Services

Tire Inspection
Regular tire inspections are essential; during these inspections, our technicians will check the tires for physical damage, measure the tire tread depth, and inspect the tire pressure, adjusting it if needed.
Tire Rotation
Regular tire rotation ensures that your tires wear down at a relatively even rate; this can help keep you safe and comfortable longer, improve your fuel economy, and make your tires last longer on the road.
Wheel Alignment
Wheels that are not properly aligned can be dangerous and inconvenient, and they can also lead to your tires wearing down unevenly; we recommend that you visit us at least once a year for wheel alignment service.
Tire Balance
If your tires are not properly balanced, they will create an uncomfortable driving experience and may develop an uneven scalloped or cupped wear pattern; we will use OEM tools and small weights to ensure your tires are balanced.
Flat Patching
If you have a flat tire from a puncture located in the tire tread, chances are we can patch it up for you; however, damage to the tire’s sidewall or shoulder will generally require you to have your tires replaced.
Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Repair
The Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) keeps tabs on your tires to ensure that they are all properly inflated, and we can help you deal with any TPMS problems by performing service on the system.
Tire Sales
When your vehicle needs new tires, our tire store has exactly what you need: a selection of high-quality tires that are manufacturer-approved and designed to provide comfort, safety, and long-lasting performance.

New Tire Sales

We help Hyundai owners obtain a vast selection of high-quality tires in the correct size manufactured by renowned brands — Michelin, Goodyear, Firestone, Bridgestone, Pirelli, Yokohoma, Cooper, Continental, and more. Whether you need one, two, or four new tires, you can count on us for a wide selection of new tires available for your Hyundai Palisade, Venue, Tucson, Sonata, Santa Fe, or another Hyundai model.

Certified Hyundai Tire Services

Every Hyundai arrives at the dealership with high-quality tires ready to support the best driving experience. Optimizing tire health, driving comfort, and safety involves routine tire maintenance. Our comprehensive Hyundai service menu ensures you can choose us for one-stop tire maintenance, including rotation, wheel alignment, balance, flat patching repair, and replacement. Routine tire maintenance begins with regular inspections from a qualified expert, like our factory-trained and certified technicians, who will check for damage, measure depth, analyze wear patterns, and adjust inflation to specs. Hyundai recommends tire rotation service every 7,500 to 10,000 miles, which presents an opportunity for maintenance efficiency by bundling oil changes with tire rotation. Annual wheel alignment service will measure angles with computerized equipment and adjust the steering/suspension to restore camber, caster, and toe-in to factory specifications. Wheel balance involves a digital balancer evaluating weight distribution and signaling where to place precision weights for perfect balance. Flat patching repair restores inflation retention integrity by plugging/sealing minor tread punctures. Contact us when your Hyundai needs new tires for a certified Hyundai replacement/installation service.