What Is Fair & Reliable Service Pricing?

At College Park Hyundai we regularly shop our competitors and local businesses to ensure our pricing is competitive. Fair & reliable.

How Do I Get To The Dealership?

College Park Hyundai is conveniently located right off of exit 25A/B right on route 1.

Where Can I Go To Share My Experience?

We have a wide range of places you can share your experience from Google to Facebook to even Yelp and many more review platforms.

What Does RRR Stand For?

RRR stands for Reliable, Responsible, Respectful.

How Much Is An Oil Change?

College Park Hyundai's Fair & Reliable service price for an oil change is $59.95 for a 4 Cylinder Synthetic blend oil change.

How Do I Finance Online?

Financing your new vehicle online is really easy. Our site collegeparkhyundai.com has plenty of built in tools for you to use. Just simply click "Start Buying Process" when on an inventory page to start the process.

How Do I Schedule An Appointment?

At College Park Hyundai we make scheduling a service appointment easy. Simply go to our schedule service page and start scheduling your appointment today!

What Does MSRP Mean?

Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price

Do You Have Wi-Fi?

Yes, we offer our Hyundai customers with the latest wireless connection so you can browse the internet while waiting for you vehicle to be serviced.