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Should you lease a Hyundai Genesis in Rockville, MD? Many of our other customers have had the same questions. At least one thing is for certain: the Genesis has spectacular value as a high performance sports car. Beyond that, though, you have to decide if it’s better to lease the car for 2-3 years or buy it for the long haul. We see a lot of value on both sides.

When you settle on a Hyundai Genesis lease in Rockville, MD, you get to enjoy a Genesis for the best 2-3 years of its life. That means low maintenance concern, high performance, and a whole lot of fun. Plus you get to choose a new one in a few years! When you buy it, you inherit another set of positives. You can enjoy the car for as long as you want, and then sell it to recapture some of its value. You also avoid the feeling of “borrowing” someone else’s property.

Whatever your preference may be, you can’t go wrong with one of our new Hyundai vehicles in College Park. Stop by for a test drive today!

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Buy a New Hyundai Santa Fe in Rockville, MD

Given the popularity of the new Hyundai Santa Fe in Rockville, MD, you would do well to consider buying. After all, there’s a reason why so many families have chosen the flagship Hyundai SUV as their means of transportation! First of all, the Santa Fe averages close to 30 mpg/highway–an excellent rating for a non-hybrid SUV. The mpg rating looks even better when you factor in 240 horsepower! Fog lights will keep you driving in bad weather, and the 18 inch wheels offer an athletic stance.

College Park Hyundai offers new car specials to qualified buyers, so after you have used our online Finance Application, check out our new car specials to see how much money you can save!

Plenty of Reasons To Consider a Hyundai Genesis Lease in College Park, MD

Have you driven the latest Hyundai Genesis? If the answer is no, you’re missing out! When you lease a Genesis, you get to experience the thrill of 348 horsepower every day. After pairing that with surprising efficiency for its power, you’ll love driving the Genesis to work every day. Besides the horsepower and speed, you get to choose between a six speed manual or eight speed automatic–how can you choose? We’ll tell you how; with a Genesis lease in College Park, you get to pick a new car every couple of years. Here are the basic pros of leasing:

  1. You save money on sales tax. In short, you only have to pay sales tax on the years of the car that you use up (usually two to three years).
  2. Maintenance won’t be an issue when you lease a Hyundai Genesis in College Park, MD. You get the car for the best years of its life, then give it back!
  3. Enjoy a new car every couple of years. It’s the auto enthusiast’s dream!